Patty and Ernie Weckbaugh, book producers, publicists, authors, and friends, have opened new avenues for David and me into the world of publishing. Their expertise for taking a story from manuscript/disk to the printer has been fascinating, and an education for me. Much to my delight, what has unfolded in their hands is the birth of our book.
—Val Middlebrook, author of Val's Victory

I want to thank you [Patty and Ernie Weckbaugh] for all your help and great ideas. Our book has been enriched by your efforts.
—Len Wood, author of Government Dollars and Sense

Joining my book team and becoming life-long friends was the tireless duo, Patty and Ernie Weckbaugh of Casa Graphics, Inc. Self-Publishing can be totally overwhelming the first time out of the starting gate. Patty and Ernie guided me, took numerous details off my shoulders and created the look of the book. I suspect they may be angels who suddenly appeared to help me over the finish line.
—Regina Leeds, author of The Zen of Organizing

The extraordinary talents in the literary and graphic arts of Ernest and Patty Weckbaugh of Burbank's Casa Graphics, Inc., have contributed so much my book's appearance and readability.
—Dr. Ed Hibler, author of The Mortification of the American Woman

Thank you Ernie and Patty for taking my manuscript to fruition, and for adding your artistic flair to Love Around the House with your special design concept.
—Dr. Ava Cadell, psychologist and author of Love Around the House

The rescuers, Ernie and Patty Weckbaugh of Casa Graphics, Inc., have turned this project from a vision into a reality that will touch the lives of many.
—Janet Howard-Espinoza, author of Flying High with Broken Wings

Thanks to Ernie and Patty Weckbaugh, who showed me the way to get this book published and publicized. Their efforts and expertise made an otherwise rocky road much smoother.
—Dean T. Hartwell, author of Truth Matters

The team of Ernie and Patty Weckbaugh were a delight to work with. They made what could have been a tedious challenge into a pure joy. Ernie's cover, interior cartoons and interesting subtitles, and Patty's organizational ability and editorial sense made the book everything it was meant to be. Their love and intense interest in our well-being has made them very special in my life.
—Wink Martindale, veteran gameshow host and author of Winking at Life

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