Casa Graphics, Inc. offers professional assistance to self-publishers from their original idea to 500 printed books, all within three to four months, for about the total retail price of 400 books (approximately $6,000 = $10 per page for typesetting and layout, plus cover design). This leaves 100 promotional copies to send out for review. We then help authors to promote, to test market and to sell these 400, GETTING ALL THEIR MONEY BACK. It's much easier to convince publishers by handing them a finished book, one that has proven its value and already sold well, especially if the author is the one who's been selling it, and already has many excellent reviews and testimonials from sales. Authors can quickly finish their book exactly the way they want it, impress any future publishers, or continue to self-publish it if it's really selling well.

In the '70s we started publishing our current annual list of 25 dental association publications per year. Clients include USC, Cal State LA, L.A. Times, and the California Dental Association components in the San Fernando and the San Gabriel Valleys. We design, write, typeset, and illustrate each of them scientifically, editorially and humorously.

Over fifty years of design, illustration, printing, computer and writing expertise proves there's no challenge, including the creation of award winning covers and titles, that Casa Graphics hasn't mastered. Many of our books have been sold on the quality of a title and a beautifully crafted design. Reasons people buy a book: 1) It's promoted well; 2) There's a clear and definite benefit; 3) The title speaks to reader's needs, and; 4) the cover graphic and back cover copy makes the book a "must-buy." Casa Graphics assists with every aspect of a book's success, starting with the cover design. As head of the dynamic Book Publicists of Southern California, we are nationally recognized as "Book Shepherds," in that we help the author with a variety of needs.
Casa Graphics provides technical and medical illustrations to the legal and medical profession for courtroom jury presentations, as well as for scientific publications. Ernie Weckbaugh began his career in the U. S. Air Force and the aerospace industry in the 1950s doing technical art, writing and graphic renderings. This was followed by association publications, advertising design, writing and illustration throughout the '70s. Casa Graphics (incorporated in 1976) added book design, cartoons, portraits, and medical art to a growing list of services.
A careful proofreading and a knowledgable editor's perspective and style, especially for self-publishers, give the author's finished book a chance to take its place beside books from professional publishers. Casa Graphics adds "major-publisher" quality to the author's text through meticulous editing and proofreading. A book's optimum size is between 144 to 288 pages.

Casa Graphics provides at no additional cost:

  • a complimentary copy of Book Blitz, Getting Your Book in the News to Make It a Best Seller;
  • 500 four-color promotional postcards;
  • a personal portrait of the author ideal for use in promotional material.
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