Many authors can't tolerate the frustration of dealing with a publisher (lack of personal attention, long-delays, a "take-over" mentality, or difficult creative and time demands). Then, often, the promised promotional campaign never materializes and they're left with a large amount of work and nothing to show for it. Lately many small- to medium-sized publishers have gone out of business, leaving authors to start over.

If authors wish to eliminate rejections, do their book in record time, have ultimate control over its outcome, make four to six times more money and take charge of the promotion and sales, then Casa Graphics, Inc. offers the best solution.

Costs You Nothing!
For a remarkably low, highly competitive fee, all of which is returned by the sale of the first short run printing, authors can get their books NOW! They never fall to the bottom of a publisher's list of priorities, or have to work with disinterested employees.

Why Work with a Major Publisher?
Many authors, looking for broader exposure, successfully take their finished, successful, self-published book to a large publisher. If the author's book has proven to have wide appeal, it is often worth selling the concept to a major publishing business, even if they only offer 8¢ to 10¢ on the dollar royalty. Ten percent of millions is better than 40 percent of thousands, plus they finance it, do all the work, and provide limitless contacts. Casa Graphics, Inc., unlike other contract or "vanity" publishers, works closely with the author giving them exactly what they want with a variety of options every step of the way.

10 Ways to Sell Just 400 Books
(and cover ALL your expenses)

1- Direct selling: Ask friends, relatives, neighbors, business associates to read your newest book. Promise them you’ll autograph it and put their name on the acknowledgement page of the next printing if they’ll support you by buying it, reading it thoroughly for accuracy, and if they’ll give you their corrections, constructive comments and suggestions.

2- Parties: Contact these same people, after they’ve read your book, to arrange an “author party” in their home— to autograph your book and visit with the guests.

3- Bookstore signings: Arrange with small, local independent booksellers who are willing to make a deal with you, the new local author, to draw buyers into their stores by setting up a booksigning (all book sales go to you) for your preliminary, digital printing. Then offer a special discount after the subsequent printing is complete, and a follow-up book signings to be held at later dates (then all sales will be theirs).

4- Speaking: Talk before clubs, groups, join an existing seminar interested in you as an author and in your book, and who’ll allow you to sell and sign your book after your speech. It’s a good way to test speech/interview material (you should also polish your speaking skills by teaching, guest-lecturing, joining Toastmasters, and staying with it).

5- Web sites: Establish one under your name/book category (ask to carry your book)—refer to your web site when you speak or are interviewed.

6- Local radio/cable TV/newspapers: Contact editors, publishers, cable TV producers or radio talk show hosts for interviews about your book. Be sure your name and phone number are repeated several times—get a copy of the tape.

7- Donate: For tax benefits, donate books to libraries, and have them sign a receipt (that you prepare) equal to the full retail price.

8- Gifts: Count the money you would spend buying gifts (since digital printing costs are one-third of retail for as few as 500 copies), and it's like getting almost a 70 percent discount. Plus, this gift has your name on it as the author!

9- Teaching: Use book as a text at a local adult school. Talk to someone already teaching on the same subject.

10- Fundraising: Give books to a charity (for them to raise money). Prepare a receipt for the full retail price of the books for a valuable income tax deduction, and have them sign it.

You can have a 5-1/4 x 8-1/4, 192-page book plus cover (using your word-processing disk) for $6,000 (retail cost of 400 books), including:

Four-color cover design

Typesetting and interior design

Normal amount of editing

Printing of 500 paperback books

All designed to YOUR satisfaction in less than 4 months!

We show you how to turn 400 books into $6,000 (at $14.95 each) and retrieve your costs, while using the remaining 100 for promotion, review, further editing and changes, and for soliciting a publisher’s interest. Therefore, your book costs you NOTHING!

FREE copy of Book Blitz, Getting Your Book in the News and 500 FREE 4-color postcards with your book cover (on front) and sales message (on back), plus free hand-drawn portrait of author.

You are free to call anyone on our list of clients to find out how we’ve worked with them. We promise to provide you with a high-quality book, when you want it (usually within 3 to 4 months) and give you every possible help in promoting it.

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